Calisthenics Weightloss

Calisthenics Weight Loss Plan | Calisthenics Family APP

This Weight Loss Workout Plan is the perfect way to lose weight as fast as possible. This program focuses on losing weight rather than learning calisthenics. Therefore, this program is suitable for everyone. For complete beginners and more advanced and for men and women. Do you want to learn calisthenics anyway? Then this Weight Loss Plan is still very effective because you will work on the calisthenics basic exercises AND learning calisthenics exercises will be much easier when you got rid of bodyfat!

However, no matter if you are interested in calisthenics or not, the biggest goal of this Weightloss Plan is to lose weight fast, get in shape or become fitter by training with your own body weight in a fun and challenging way. Did you know that bodyweight training has many more benefits than the gym? It’s a functional way of training where you use multiple muscle groups at each exercise and therefore burn more calories! Besides that, you can jump into this program at any level!

  • 100% Focus on losing weight
  • For ultra beginners to advanced
  • Challenging follow-along HIIT Workouts
  • 50+ exercise videos
  • Lose weight in a fun & challenging way
  • Master the calisthenics basics at the same time

The plan comes with 3 levels of each 8-12 weeks

Calisthenics Weight Loss Plan | Calisthenics Family APP