What you will receive

The Intermediate Calisthenics Program

The Intermediate Calisthenics Program is the second part of the Full Journey. During this program you will step up your game from a beginner to the first stage of a calisthenics athlete. This is where the real journey will start in becoming a master of your own bodyweight.

At this moment you are capable of doing the basic exercises, but you are willing to work on more advanced bodyweight exercises. During the Intermediate Calisthenics program you will work on the first advanced bodyweight exercises which are the free handstand and the muscle up. These two exercises are the foundation of any really advanced calisthenics exercise

Intermediate Program requirements

Right now you probably have finished the beginner program or you already met the requirements for this program from earlier training experience. For this program the requirements are as follows:

  • 20 Push ups
  • 8 Pull,
  • 10 Dips
  • 30 sec frog stand

If you only meet some of these goals we suggest you to start with the beginner program first. However, you can also purchase the Full Journey progam in which you can combine workouts from the beginner program & intermediate calisthenics program. 

Intermediate Program Goals / Timeline

Right know you are moving to the second stage on the timeline from the Full Journey program. The goal is to finish this stage and move on to the third one: “advanced stage”.  Some goals for this progam are as follows:

  • 1 Muscle up, 6 wall handstand push ups, 3 explosive pull ups, 5 russian dips and 8 Assisted pistol squats;
  • 10 sec handstand, 15 sec advanced tucked Frontlever,  15 sec advanced tucked Backlever and  5 sec tucked human flag and 1 dragon fly

See all program goals here 
See full timeline here 

40+ Instructional Videos

The most unique and super usefull aspect of this intermediate calisthenics program is that every exercise is fully explained by an instructional video. This helps you to perform the exercises with right form and techniques. Also, every exercise is built up out of different levels that are shown in the video. Once you reach the first level you can move on to the next level. This makes it always challenging, no matter your current level!

Video example 1: Push ups on P-bar 
Video example 2: Dips
Video example 3: Pistol Squats 

Weekly Client Check-ins

It’s not that you buy the intermediate calisthenics program and we are gone. No. We are here to support you and your journey. This means we will coach you allong the way! After purchase, we will personally send you an e-mail to make everything clear for you.  After this E-mail you can check in by E-mail for 8 weeks in total. Why are we doing this?

  • To make everything clear about the program if you have any uncertanties during the program.
  • To motivate you to keep going if you seem to struggle to continue. We make sure that you get results!
  • To answer any questions you might have.

Online Digital Exercise Logbook

The Exercise Logbook that comes with the program is a very helpful tool that will help you to progress faster. It’s very easy to use with your phone or tablet! Our clients have seen this tool as one of the crucial aspects that made them succeed. The idea behind this logbook is that you can make the best out of every workout.

With every training your goal is to beat your own personal records. This makes every workout challenging and also really fun because you’ll get the feeling that you are progressing every day which will motivate you to keep on going!

24/7 support by us

We will guide you through your transformation and make sure you everything is clear for you! We want to help you obtain the best results you possibly can, so there we support you by:

✔ Priority Mailinglist
We wil put you on our priority mailing list. This means that we will answer your questions within 24 hours to maximize your progress during your journey.

✔ Sended Videos
If you wish to get feedback on your form or technique with a specific exercise you can send us a video and we will give you tips so you will be doing all the exercises correctly (because form is crucial!).

Watch What We Achieved in 1 Year

Most of the progress that we made in this video was because of the exercises that we implemented in the intermediate calisthenics program, as you can see we unlocked the handstand and muscle ups which you can learn in the calisthenics intermediate program.

If we can, you can too!

Start your journey today!

Intermediate Program

  • Learn Advanced Bodyweight Moves
  • Learn A Solid Handstand
  • Learn The Muscle Up
  • First Steps To Full Body Control
  • Build an Athletic Physique