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Why start with our Personalized Meal Plan? 

Do you want to lose weight or increase weight and muscle mass, but don’t you know how to start? We can help you! Stop wasting your time browsing on the internet. If you want to achieve your dream body, we recommend you to stick to a customized Meal Plan. You can exercise as often as you want, but without an effective diet, you will achieve fewer results. Research shows that your progress depends 80% on your food intake and just 20% on your workouts. Therefore it’s crucial to take your nutrition intake really seriously.

Our Personalized Meal Plan will be 100% based on your specific goals and personal circumstances and is easy to follow via our CaliFam APP.

Do you…
✅ want to lose weight quickly because you are overweight?
✅ want to increase weight/muscle mass as fast as possible because you are skinny?
✅ need to lose body fat, without losing muscle mass, because you want to achieve your Calisthenics goals faster?

Then our Personalized Meal Plan is the perfect solution for you. Let’s do this!

Follow easily via our CaliFam APP 

Say goodbye to old school Meal Plans and start with our ultimate Interactive Meal Plan which is provided via our brand new CaliFam App with many features! This is definitely the most extensive Meal Plan App you have ever seen!

A Plan and Diary including
✅ A summary of your current plan and long-term goals.
✅ Your daily calorie and macronutrients goal.
✅ Your planned meals (based on what you like the most).
✅ Food Tracker: track your food very easily by searching for it or by scanning the barcode.

More useful tools
✅ Overview of your frequently used food & personal meals creator.
✅ Performance Overview: check your weekly progress (e.g. calorie intake).
✅ Weight Tracker: track your weight, waist measurements, and fat percentage.
✅ Physical Progression Sheet: track your physique by adding different photos.
✅ Achievements unlocker: motivate yourself by unlocking all achievements!
✅ Set timers for your meals.

✅ Very detailed Nutrition Guide (read more about this down below).

In our opinion, tracking physical progress and working towards achievements is the best way to make progress and to motivate yourself!

Next to the tools mentioned above, you will receive a very detailed and clear Meal Plan Guideline and 24/7 support. You don’t have to do this alone!

Improve your life with our Nutrition Guide 

We’ve also added a very detailed Nutrition Guide separately which includes really important information that will help you the rest of your life to stay fit, healthy, and get everything out of your diet!

The Nutrition Guide includes information about:
✅ Calories & Macronutrients
✅ Vitamins & Minerals
✅ Supplements
✅ Superfoods
✅ Water & Drinks
✅ 5 essential diet principles
✅ Cardio

We recommend you to read this carefully before you get started to achieve the best results. You really don’t want to miss this information!

How does the Meal Plan work?  

To meet your goals and wishes we ask you to fill in a questionnaire. Based on this questionnaire we will make the personalized Meal Plan.

Step 1: Sign up for the Meal Plan
Step 2: You’ll receive a guideline and link to the questionnaire.
Step 3: Fill in the questionnaire & submit.
Step 4: We contact you within 48 hours on workdays to have a chat where we make your wishes clear.
Step 5: Your Personal Meal Plan will be ready within 5 working days.
Step 6: We’ll send you the Meal plan, Nutrition Guide, and CaliFam App login credentials when your Meal Plan is ready.

Why a step-by-step diet approach? 

In the custom-designed Meal Plan, we will describe your goal and explain exactly how to reach it. We use a step-by-step diet approach. This means that we will design a Meal Plan that gives you different goals, in terms of calories, foods, and macronutrients, each week, for 8 weeks in total. This is based on your current eating habits, your length, weight, and training routine.

Why a step-by-step approach?
✅ Avoid muscle loss when losing weight and avoid body fat while gaining weight.
✅ It’s best for the physical body to change eating habits slowly so the body gets enough time to adapt.
The mental factor plays a big role in dieting: people who work with a step-by-step plan are more likely to achieve results and won’t fall back in their regular eating habits in comparison with people who suddenly change their entire diet.

We will support you 24/7

We will guide you through your transformation and make sure that everything is clear for you! Our goal is to help you to obtain the best results you possibly can. We already coached thousands of people and we can’t wait to help you ass well! We will support you by:

✔ Priority mailing list
You get a spot on our priority mailing list. Send us any questions you have and we will respond within 48 hours on working days to maximize your progress during your journey.

✔ Ask us anything
You can ask us literally anything. Whether it is about your meals, macronutrients, the CaliFam app, your progression, etc. We are always happy to help you. That’s what we do it for!

No results? Get your money back!

We are 100% sure that this Personal Meal Plan will guarantee results if the program is properly followed for a consecutive period of time. Therefore we give you the opportunity to try this plan risk-free for 30 full days. Do you think, for whatever reason, that you were not able to lose weight or gain muscle mass after 30 days? Then we will give you a 100% refund! Make sure to read our refund policy. Still having doubts about starting a Personal Meal Plan? Read the reviews down below!

Testimonials Personal Meal Plan

Niels Polak
Multiple programs May 1, 2020
edit before after

”In the past 3.5 months, I have followed the 30-Days Weight Loss Plan and Home Workout Plan of Calisthenics Family! I am proud of myself and I am very motivated to continue with this!…”

Martijn Ruijterkamp
Multiple programs April 5, 2018
edit 9

”I wanted to change my physique. Michael told me that nutrition is key to see results. So I also followed a personal meal plan for 8 weeks. It helped me so much. I lost almost 5kg and therefore bodyweight training became much easier for me…”

Akram El Missaoui
Beginner+ Meal Plan August 7, 2020

”With this Meal Plan together with the Beginner Full Journey Plan, I managed to reach my calisthenics goals and a better physique. I’m really glad I did this. Now I know how I should deal with nutrition in the future….”

Thomas Smedens
Personal Meal Plan November 25, 2020
thomas smedens

My goal was to gain lean muscle mass and get the right weight for practising calisthenics skills. “The meal plan had a really positive impact on my workouts and…”

Lars Dekker
Meal Plan September 29, 2021
Transformatie Calisthenics

“I joined the “New Year challenge”. I was very excited to do this program, = and the supervision was fine. If you had any questions you could ask them straight away without having to wait for hours for a response. They responded very fast…”

Ramon Vermaas
Personal Meal Plan August 20, 2019
ramon vermaas transfo

”I got exactly what I expected and was very satisfied with it! The feedback and attention were also very helpful. I am proud of my transformation….” 

Your Personal Meal Plan

Meal Plan Calisthenics Family

✅ 100% personalized Meal Plan
✅ Questionnaire in advance
✅ Follow easily via our CaliFamm APP
✅ Daily calorie and macronutrients goal
✅ Planned meals based on your habits
✅ Food tracker (by scanning a barcode)
✅ Different progress trackers
✅ Very detailed Nutrition Guide
✅ 8 weeks access + deal to extend
✅ Access to our exclusive community
✅ 24/7 support by us
✅ 30-day success guarantee
✅ And much more …

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Andrew Hamel

”I think I’ve built up enough strength to move back into some of the exercises that were setting me back prior. Looking forward to the rest of my journey. Either way, thanks for the program….”

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Arne Leemans

“The workouts of my custom program are really challenging! But most important; A lot of fun! There is a lot of variation between the workouts…”

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Danel Harrington

”Two weeks into the Beginner program and loving it! Needed some advice on some of the techniques I was finding a bit difficult so sent over an email and they replied within hours. Challenging but feeling progress already. Would definitely recommend it!…”

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bas kesselaar
Bas Kesseler

“I learned how to transition my strength from my gym workouts to bodyweight strength. I can now do Muscle ups, backlevers and more bodyweight skills..”

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

A Meal Plan is suitable for everyone who wants to work on his/her body and who wants to keep on track with a diet.

Our Personal Meal Plan will be effective for you if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You want to lose weight or gain weight/muscle mass.
  • You do see progress in your calisthenics skills, but no or very little progress in your muscle mass.
  • You just can’t get that six-pack.
  • You do have a nutrition plan, but find it difficult to achieve your macronutrient goals.
  • You have no idea what food you should eat to gain or lose weight.
  • You are currently eating the same foods all the time and you would like to have more variety.
  • You have already followed several diets, but none of them really worked well in the long run.
  • You want to have professional support during your transformation journey.
  • You want to work with an app that is clear and which motivates you by tracking progress and working towards achievements.

Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations? Then our Personal Meal Plan is very suitable for you!

We value your habits and try not to change them too much. In the questionnaire, we ask you to describe your eating routine and which foods you like most. We will include foods that you like as much as possible if it’s suitable for your goal. More importantly, we exclude foods that you shouldn’t consume and substitute these with foods that fit your goals.

The macronutrients you should consume can really differ depending on your goals. Therefore it is really important to use a Meal Plan made by professionals. We ensure you that you are in good hands with us as we have 5+ years of international coaching experience and 10+ years of fitness/calisthenics/diet experience.

To determine what you can eat to achieve your goals, we will first look at your current eating habits via a questionnaire. Based on that, we determine what you are no longer allowed to eat and what the substitutes are. In general, we try to avoid food with a lot of sugar and a lot of (saturated) fats. However, we can still give you very delicious meals. Believe us 😉

Yes, we definitely can help you! We also get most of our nutrition from vegetable/vegan food sources ourselves and we already helped many vegetarian/vegan people.

Not every day, but in the beginning, you will have to be strict for yourself. The main reason is that you will get a good idea of ​​the impact of nutrition on your body. When you have more experience, you will soon be able to be less strict. We also will implement “cheatdays” in the Personal Meal Plan. This is one day a week (usually on a Sunday) where you do not have to pay attention to your food. This keeps you motivated during the week!

After 8 weeks you have completed your Personal Meal Plan. We can already tell you that you will learn very much about nutrition and especially macronutrients. You can continue yourself as you will be experienced with following a diet, but you can also choose for our extension deal. You can then start again with a Personal Meal Plan for 8 weeks. We can do a new questionnaire if you want and discuss your goals again. This is very interesting if your goals change or if you like to have access to all the tools to achieve the most optimal results or to stay motivated!

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