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Bas Kesseler

Leeftijd: 21
Locatie: Netherlands
Producten: Het Full Journey Pakket
Datum: januari 1, 2020
They helped me to get over my fears and this let me doing moves that I couldn't even imagine doing.

The Full Journey ( January, 2020)

My name is Bas and I’ve been with Calisthenics Family for 2 years now. I started weightlifting when I was 16 and after 4 years I decided to try calisthenics. I started practicing handstands and all the calisthenics moves, but I didn’t really know the technique or the progressions behind the exercises.

I started to look for tutorials on Youtube and I came across Calisthenics Family. They gave calisthenics classes in my city. So I decided to try it out. This is where I met Michael & Yannick. They really impressed me with their body control. I got excited and decided to join their group lessons once a week and practiced bodyweight exercises myself. I also downloaded their Calisthenics Training Guide which really helped me in the beginning!

In January of 2019, I decided to only do calisthenics exercises and I bought The Full Journey Plan created by Calisthenics Family. Within 3 months I went from the beginner stage to the advanced stage. My progress went through the roof on every exercise even tho I was on exchange in Australia.

The Full Journey Plan helped me a lot since it was very structured and easy to understand how to progress with bodyweight exercises. I thought me how to progress, step by step.

When I came back from Australia, they opened up their own Calisthenics Family Gym and I decided to join them straight away. We started training together and they gave me a lot of valuable tips. As a result my progress really took off. They also built a really great community around the gym in a short time. That made it the perfect place for me to go to. I broke all my personal records in a few weeks and I started trying new, more advanced moves. They helped me to get over my fears and this let me doing moves that I couldn’t even imagine doing.

Thank you boys for everything!

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