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John Rice

Leeftijd: 55
Locatie: Germany
Producten: Full Journey Plan
Datum: januari 2, 2022
''Once I set myself a challenge, I go all in and that is what makes a program like this successful - CONSISTENCY.'' 

Full Journey plan

I want to thank you again for an amazing journey and encouragement – it is not over and hopefully never will be!!

My journey:

Before pics: 73kg and 19% body fat – I am 183cm tall
After pics: 69kg and 12% body fat

I have always thought I was pretty fit and healthy but then I suffered from depression and unhappiness. Eating a bit more was one of my comforts as you can see from my stomach (which is where it always goes). I came across your program and was intrigued as a “skinny guy” myself, what amazing transformations you both made.

Once I set myself a challenge, I go all in and that is what makes a program like this successful – CONSISTENCY.

I have trained either 3 times a week or sometimes every other day. I have stayed on the same level in the Full Journey until I could do about 80% of the exercises in perfect form, then I moved on.

As far as eating, I have only really made a few changes. Since last year in June, I have mainly kept away from ALL added sugar, I eat in an 8 or 9-hour window only and have cut out all snacks. I drink next to no alcohol, this is only because it does not agree with me the next day, even a couple of drinks, I feel it later.

I also wanted to let you and others know about progression – this is what I have missed or not done correctly in my weight lifting days. So here are a few exercises from my logs over the year, showing that if you follow and trust the process, it WILL work.

Before: I could not do a wall handstand
After: 10 wall handstand pushups

Before: 2-second frog stand
After: 10-second handstand hold

Before: I could not do a tricep dip
After: 6 tricep dips with a 10kg weight vest

Before: 3 pull-ups
After: 8 pull-ups with 10kg weight vest

Before: German hang 0 secs
After: 10-second straddle back lever hold

My chest has grown by 5 cm, and I have visible triceps for the first time – with biceps grown by 2cm. I am pleased with the definition on my back too.

I am still working towards my first muscle up and will succeed. Thank you so much!

Transformation Calisthenics


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