What You Will Get

Custom Workout Program

Your workout program will include the most effective routine that focusses on your specific goals and personal circumstances. . It will include specific strength exercises or calisthenics skill exercises depending on your own goals. Hereby some situations in which a custom program will be the perfect choice for you:

  • You want to learn / focus on a specific skill for example the muscle-up, the l-sit to handstand, the frontlever, the backlever or the human flag
  • You are going to the gym already, but you want to incoreparate some calisthenics in your program as well
  • You want gain muscle mass while learning calisthenics skills at the same time, but don’t know how to structure your program most effective
  • You are a total beginner (man or woman) and want a program based on your current level



Personal Meal Plan Included

You will receive the most effective meal plan based on your specific goals and personal circumstances. The program can be either designed to lose weight or to increase muscle mass.  Hereby some situations where a personal mealplan is highly recommended.

  • You find yourself  having overweight and want to drop your weight as fast as possible
  • You find yourself way to skinny and want to increase weight by gaining muscle mass
  • You need to drop your bodyfat (without losing muscle mass) so you will achieve your calisthenics goals faster.
  • You want to gain lean muscle mass without adding bodyfat to get that beach body look.

8 Weekly Check-ins

With online coaching, we will have weekly check-ins to discuss your video’s, logbook, progress and it’s a great oppurtunity to get your questions answered in depth. You can choose for Whatsapp video or chat as a communication tool. All our clients have seen the weekly personal check-ins most crucial of their progress during the program.

Weekly Feedback On Your Workout Videos

If you want to double check your form after watching the instructional videos that are included in the programs, you can make a video of you performing the exercise, and send it to us! We will watch the video and give extensive feedback so you can directly implement the feedback for your next workout!

Weekly Feedback On Logbooks

Every week you need to upload your personal workout and nutrition logbook. Once you’ve upldated this we will have a look at all your  results from the previous week. We can see if your progress is going well and if you need to do harder/easier variations of certain exercises. If you have any questions about a certain exercise you can leave a comment in the logbook. The fact that you know that we are going to check the logbook will stimulate you enormously! People have seen this as the greatest factor why they succeed during their online coaching period.

Program Adjustments

 The Custom Program can always be modified every week according to your wishes. If there are exercises that don’t feel right, we can substitute it. If you’re having a temporary injury, we can adapt the program to it.

Personal Motivation & Encouragement

Motivation is a crucial thing that is not really a tangible or measureable thing, but it’s so important that we want do address it next to the other things that you’ll receive with the online coaching. You’ll get way more motivated to complete and succeed your calisthenics coaching period, because we will do everything to keep you motivated throughout your journey, so you won’t fail at any time. For example, if you get stuck or demotivated we are here to get you through this downside and stimulate you to keep on going. Next to the measurable things, people have seen this as the greatest benefit of their online coaching period (see our client transformations).

24/7 E-mail Support

For any general and fast questions, our e-mail address will be available 24/7 to contact. We will reply to your e-mail within 24 hours. People that enroll in our Online Coaching program get our highest priority, even higher than the people that started with a single program without online coaching. We want to help you to obtain the best results you possibly can during the coaching period. This is what you can expect:

✔ Highest Priority Mailinglist
We wil put you on our priority mailing list. This means that we will answer your questions within 24 hours to maximize your progress during your journey.

✔ Instagram & Website Shout-out
If you completed your journey with the progress that you will achieve, we will feature you on one of our social media channels to support you online (if you like)! 



Watch the exerpiences of our clients with our online coaching plan!

Matien Azemy
Online Coaching September 19, 2019

I bought the custom program together with online coaching and I have to say that the results were great. It’s not only the program that helped with these results but also online coaching…

Eva van der Horst
Online Coaching February 16, 2018
edit klaar

“The coaching is clear, personal, motivational and it helps you every week to get the best out of you. I learned the capabilities of my body by perseverance and now..”

Martijn Ruijterkamp
Online Coaching April 5, 2018
edit 9

“I would recommend coaching especially for people like me who have struggles with consistency and don’t know whether they are training right…”

Gordon Bedford
Online Coaching November 1, 2018
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“The weekly skype check-ins really helps to build motivation and also drive improvement, I’ve learned so much by just letting my coach reviewing the video’s…”

Felipe Andres
Online Coaching January 22, 2019

“I just finished an 8-week online coaching program with Calisthenics Family. I wanted to share a bit of my experience and encourage everybody to enroll yourselves in..”

Jarvis Garcia
Online Coaching October 25, 2019

”Today i am going to tell you about my testemonial.
I just have to say that these guys are awesome. Especially…”



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Guidance of a Personal Coach is suitable for everyone that wants to work towards set goals together with a coach that will gareantue you results.

Online coaching is suitable for you if you recognize yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You have a hard time to stick to a program and train multiple times per week
  • You have no consistency in your workouts and that’s why you proably only see little progress.
  • You find it difficult make a good workout program for yourself.
  • You have no idea what you are doing during your training sessions and you would like to have support with this.
  • You simply have no motivation to start.
  • You really want to go for it this time and you want someone that will make sure that you will succeed.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the above points, then a personal coach is ideal for you!


The most important difference is the weekly check ins you receive from us with online coaching. With Online Personal Coaching you can see us as your personal coach. We feel responsible for your progress and will do weekly check ins to see if you are doing well and to see where we can help you. With the Custom Program you are responsible for your own progress. However, you can of course always approach us for questions and support.

There will be a one time payment. After payment, you will be assigned to your personal coach and  you will get access to all necessary documents. There are no monthly costs associated with online coaching.

Meet Your Coaches

Calisthenics personal trainer

Michael Woerdman

  • Certified Calisthenics Trainer (by COI)
  • Personal & Grouptrainer at Calisthenics Family Gym
  • Official Myprotein athlete
  • 10 years fitness experience (5 years Calisthenics)
  • 5 years of international coaching experience
  • Education: Graduated in Business Administration, HAN University
  • Board Member of the Dutch Calisthenics Federation
  • National Champion Strict Form Push-Ups (11o reps)

I’m Michael and my greatest passion is to help people out to achieve their dreams. I have always known that I wanted to work with people by giving them real support and guidance. I truly believe that every person can realize their goals, but only with the right tools, hard effort, and good support. Calisthenics has changed my life and my mission is to change yours as well! I did not only gain a better body or learned some cool skills, but I actually got more confident and happier in life by living a healthier and enjoyable lifestyle. The process of moving forward together gives me so much joy and energy in life that it became an addiction to me. So, are you ready to change your life? Let me help you out!

Calithenics personal trainer

Yannick Woerdman

  • Certified Calisthenics Trainer (by COI)
  • Personal & Grouptrainer at Calisthenics Family Gym
  • Official Myprotein athlete
  • 9 years of fitness experience (5 years Calisthenics)
  • 4 years of international coaching experience
  • Education: Graduated in Applied Mathematics, Fontys University
  • Graphic Designer and Videographer
  • Digital creator (specialist in Workout Plans)

At a young age, I started lifting weights in the gym. I have always been fascinated by human strength. During that time I had been focusing more on strength-building rather than bodybuilding. After a few years of training like this, I noticed that I gained a lot of strength but I wasn’t flexible at all. I wanted to actually do something with the strength that I gained instead of just lifting weights. That’s where Calisthenics came in and it literally changed my life. During the last years of calisthenics training, I really got passionate about this sport! That is why I want to share the beauty of this sport and help people out with their own journey.

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