Calisthenics Family Gym – Official Opening

Calisthenics Family Gym

Opening Calisthenics Family Gym

Date: 3 November 2019

Time: 12:00 – 18:00

Location: Tarweweg 9G Nijmegen, Netherlands

Our Calisthenics adventure began three years ago. Since then we have made so many dreams come true. Two years ago we started our own company, Calisthenics Family. With this we have given several workshops, we have organized a trip to Ibiza, we created different Calisthenics Workout Plans and we have also opened a Calisthenics Park in our city. All this time it was our dream to have our own physical indoor location. Sunday, November 3 it was finally time! The opening of our own indoor Calisthenics Family Gym & Studio: de Calisthenics Family Gym and Studio. We spent 3 months, day in and day out, working on the construction of the gym and we are very proud of the end result.

After the opening, we put together a very cool video together with Kyran. This is the video we are most proud of at the moment! We would like to thank everyone who attended this special day. We will never forget this day!

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Aftermovie Calisthenics Family Gym

Pictures of the day

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Check out some pictures of this amazing day down below! 🙂

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