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Certified Calisthenics Coaches

calisthenics athletes online coaching calisthenics

Want to start with Online Calisthenics Coaching? Starting with Calisthenics on your own could be difficult because you don’t really know if you’re performing all exercises the right way. That’s…

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Maurice ten Hoope

Review Maurice ten Hoope | Calisthenics Weight loss Workout & Diet plan

Dieet & Trainingsschema A few months ago I participated in the Fat-burn challenge of Calisthenics-Family. The program is super complete, so you can always email Michael and Yannick if you…

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Review Rupot | Calisthenics Weight loss Workout & Diet Plan

Weight loss workout & Diet plan Great sporting business, where you get optimally and friendly guided, with a nice custom made Weight loss workout and diet plan. The other reporters…

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Jorge De Felipe Moreira

Review Jorge De Felipe Moreira Calisthenics Family Full Journey

Full Journey Package Calisthenics family has helped me out a lot through the last 6 months. I have been watching their videos on YouTube for a while now, following their…

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Summer Sale – Transformation Challenge

Do you want to achieve your dream body this Summer? Note: Sale & Registrations extended. Don’t miss out! Summer Sale ends in:Countdown Join our new Transformation Challenge now! Receive 50%…

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Calisthenics Shoulder Workout

Calisthenics Schouders Trainen

Calisthenics Shoulder Workout Your shoulders are one of the most important parts of your physique and therefore we have created a Calisthenics Shoulder Workout. Many people perform the wrong exercises…

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The advantages of Calisthenics Liquid Chalk

Calisthenics Family Liquid Chalk

Advantages of Calisthenics Liquid Chalk Are you having doubts about buying liquid Chalk for your Calisthenics exercises? Probably, the answer is yes, because otherwise, you would not read this blog….

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Review Frederik | Calisthenics Family | Full Journey

Full Journey Workout Package I started the Full Journey during the 12-week Transformation Challenge. Due to a shoulder injury, I have struggled with this challenge so I’m not really where…

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Calisthenics Scapula Exercises

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises Your Scapula is an underrated piece of your body and that’s why we came up with these Calisthenics Scapula Exercises. Not everyone has a strong scapula which…

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Calisthenics Dip Workout

how to dip workout CaliFam

How to Dip – Workout to improve your dips The dip is one of the best exercises to work on your chest and triceps, but many people don’t know how…

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