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Location: England
Products: Home Workout Plan
Date: May 8, 2020
''I really enjoy the diversity and completeness of the program.''

Home Workout Program

I am very happy with the Calisthenics Home Workout Program.
It’s all from home (which is good in the current times) and it is very well structured – the layout is clean and professional. After following the warm-up routine I realised that I have never been doing it properly – I can say I feel much better during the workout now that I am properly warmed up.

I really enjoy the diversity and completeness of the program. In the past, I would repeat the same workout over and over which quickly gets boring but with this, I am able to train all muscle groups more than once a week without doing the same exercise twice!
The access to the videos is also very helpful and for someone who loves numbers like me, the spreadsheet to track progress is a great addition.

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