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Aron Blouw

At the age of: 22
Location: Netherlands
Products: Calisthenics at Home Workout Plan
We have so much motivation to go far with calisthenics, just like you do.

Calisthenics at Home Plan

You have all of my support. I think it is amazing what you are doing and how you help people, especially with this Home Workout Plan. This will really help me to make progress and to keep making progress. I train together with my brother and we really see you guys as an example. We have so much motivation to go far with calisthenics, just like you do, that is why we like to follow and support you. My brother and I have already taken a look at the Calisthenics at Home Plan that we won and we are very enthusiastic. We do 6 workouts a week so the push / pull / legs routine is perfect for us. Tonight we will do another workout of your routine! Thank you very much for this!


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