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Calisthenics Classes  (February, 2019)

I am Bas Kesseler and I am 21 years old. I have been doing calisthenics for a number of months, for that I only focused on weightlifting.

My Calisthenics journey started with the interest for a muscle up. After 5 years of exercising I already had quite a bit of muscle mass and I also wanted to be able to do a muscle up. After practicing the muscle up for several weeks, it finally worked out. This made me curious about other exercises that you could do purely with your own body weight. I started to practice handstand, front & backlever. Although I already have a fair amount of experience with sports, making sports schedules, etc., I noticed that I did not make progress fast enough and that I was not very structured because these kinds of exercises were new to me. I decided to view some tutorials on youtube. After a little searching I came to the youtube channel of Calistehenics Family and I saw that they also gave classes. I decided to train once to see if I liked it.

During the group training sessions, I  learned how to work on a skill in a structured way and that attending the group training ensured that I made progress much faster. When I was training on my own I always tried to perform the full skill which obviously did not work. Micheal and Yannick are very good at dividing a skill in progressions with accompanying exercises. As a result, you not only progress faster in order to eventually master the full skill, but you also have less chance of injuries. Micheal and Yannick they also see faster what you do wrong or which muscle group is still too weak so you do not master a certain skill. They give you exercises or tips so you immediately notice that things are going better.

I also enjoyed training in a group very well. First I trained on my own. In the beginning, especially with Calisthencis, this is quite difficult because you do not have anyone who can, for example, stabilize you during a handstand or can say when you hang horizontally with a backlever. Furthermore, I really noticed that everyone wants to help each other to make progress. Sometimes you also pick up things from others that you would not normally come up with on your own.

In conclusion, these group lessons have really added a lot of value to my Calisthenics Journey. I have progressed faster, learned new skills and met new people with the same goals and mindset. So if you doubt whether the group lessons are something for you, just go along. I bet it will be worth it and you’ll learn something new. Whether you are a beginner or have been busy with Calisthenics for some time these group lessons will really help you.

Parallettes (February, 2019)

During the group training I also came into contact with the Parrallets. When I first used them for handstand, I clearly noticed a difference with a loose handstand on the floor. Apart from the fact that it takes some time getting used to the kick-ups, because you have to push harder, I noticed that my wrists were much less stressed. In addition, I feel that you are much more stable in a handstand attitude and you are forced not to walk on your hands. This ensures that you can practice the handstand much more precisely and thus make progress faster. Last month I ordered a set of Parrallets for myself. Since then, my handstand has become much better and I can hold it longer. I notice that after a training of the Full Journey Program in which I practice handstand, I feel much less pressure on my wrists. At the moment I use the Parrallets for other exercises such as HSPU, Frog Stands, L-sit Holds and normal pushups. In short, I am really happy with these Parrallets and I can’t train without them anymore.

I can also bring the parallettes in my bag. See photo down below!


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