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Bogdan Manta

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Products:The Full Journey Program
Date:November 19, 2018
You have described this very professionally in one document. Hats off.

Hey guys!

What a great set of programs. I really did not expect this level of quality and richness of content, use of the English language or general structure of the Full Journey program. I could not go through ALL the videos yet, there are just so many. I will be happy to send you a video as you asked, with a testimonial. I made a video because these efforts have to be recognized and the programs are great! (see video below)

Here is my first written assessment, focused on the content of the program:

– Training method and explanation of strength training and skills training are very well explained, for every level (especially beginners to average)

– I find the quotes on the sides at every workout very personal, it feels like someone is constantly on my way to not give up

– English use is very good! I mainly focus on the use of specific words when a book or manual is in English. It is easy to read for (mostly) non-native speakers – probably a large part of your customers.

– End of the program (phase 4 professional) if you have reached that stage, this means that you have completed the complete journey. I really like this! Why? As people, we are motivated by games, “unlocking” things, reaching the last point of the journey, but also knowing where we are in that journey.

You have described this very professionally in one document. Hats off.


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