The Calisthenics Journey of...

Bryan Kremers

At the age of: 23
Location: Netherlands
Products: Beginner Program
Date: August 8, 2018
“I reached my goal: The muscle up!”

In November I started with Calisthenics on my own. Very fast I noticed that I learned it the wrong way and didn’t make any progress. After watching a lot of video online I came across with Calisthenics Family. I saw their program and hesitated to start. I had some questions about my current level. They answered right away so I purchased the program.

I personally immediately noticed progress when I started the program. My push ups, dips and pull ups improved fast and therefore I felt so much better.

The program is put together very well. Everything that you need to know as a beginner is in there.. from warming up till workouts and crucial tips. You basically can’t learn it the wrong way, especially not with the connected instructional videos. If you still have a question.. you just need to text them and they respond very quickly!

In the program you’ll find a lot of variety. It helped me on my way to realize my goals. I definitely recommend this this program to everyone that wants to start with Calisthenics.

After following this program consistently I have achieved one big goal for me: The Muscle up!

Muscle Up Progress

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