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David Meija

At the age of: 21
Location: Spain
Products: Beginner Program
Date: September 2, 2018
"This is the best program I’ve ever received".

Review after 4 weeks 
I am David Mejia, and I have been doing calisthenics for 2 months now. I feel in some things a beginner ( mainly in statics) and in others I feel a little bit more advanced as I have done previously gym workouts I have some strength . I do think the program is fantastic. I have been doing It for some weeks now and I have noticed great results. A clear example are the pull ups, before I could barely do 7 in a row and now I am doing 11 ! It happens to me in the overall strength. I feel stronger and with more endurance. Is impressive how a well-structured plan can make a difference on your performance.

Related to the tricks, I have also seen a great progress. I didn’t have the strength to hold my body even in a tucked position in a front or back lever, and now I can do 2-4 sec!

I know it is not that much, but I see a progress and I am happy. The warm ups and stretching have helped me a lot to progress and definitely I will continue doing them. For now, I can’t do a handstand, but I know that following this routine I will.

Review after 8 weeks
I have finished the 8 weeks and my progress is awesome. I know it Is not in the program but I can do several muscle ups now. Related to the handstand…well, I can do it and my max has been 15 sec!! I can  say that the routine helped me a lot. Previously I had not any plan, but following a structure I have achieved it! Same with front and back lever, I am in the straddle progressions!!!

To put it in a nutshell: I have progressed in every aspect of calisthenics, even on the leg game!!

My Journey now: 
After the program, I have followed my own journey, but I still implement the advices Of the routine. The warm up, the stretching and also the workout split (sometimes).I still track my workouts in a logbook, as they recommended me. I learnt a lot from it and from their advice and guidance!I have to admit that they motivate me and now I have the calisthenics trainer degree too.

All I can say is thank you. Is a great routine, suitable for every beginner that makes great results. You can see and notice the hard work and effort they have put behind it!


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