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Eva van der Horst

At the age of: 31 years
Location: Netherlands
Products: Full Journey + Coaching
“I basically couldn’t do anything, haha.. I have really amazed myself within 8 weeks of time“

Full Journey + Online Coaching

When I started with the beginner program including online coaching I was really curious how I would develop in strength and skills. I really started from zero. The 4 workouts that you get are really clear and well-structured. I found it is really nice that you can look back to an instructional video because I forgot a lot of times how the exercise should be done.

During the program, I saw myself making progress every single week. Every week I felt myself becoming fitter and stronger. With this program, I really pushed my boundaries by just giving that little extra energy to do that last extra pull up or push up. In 8 weeks I went from a beginner level to being able of exercises that I am really amazed by. To speak from experience: this program is also for women really doable! The coaching is clear, personal, motivational and it helps you every week to get the best out of you. I learned the capabilities of my body by perseverance and now I want more! Are you curious? Go for it!

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