The Calisthenics Journey of...

Evi Woerdman

At the age of: 22
Location: Netherlands
Products: E-book
Date: October 8, 2018
I became more confident as well as excited about challenges!

Calisthenics E-book

This e-book made me decide to start with Calisthenics. Not only because the information is very useful, but also because I noticed that Calisthenics is more challenging than weightlifting. I became more confident as well as excited about challenging skills such as the handstand! I would definitely recommend this Calisthenics Training Guide to people who want to start with Calisthenics but who are not sure exactly how.

Calisthenics Family really motivates me, especially Instagram and YouTube. Most YouTube videos are very useful for women. After reading the E-book I decided to start with the Beginner program. The program is very well designed and clear. I’m glad that I decided to just go for it. To be honest, I never thought that Calisthenics would be accessible to women. However, the Beginner program is perfect for anyone. I was not able to do any pull-up or chin-up and now I achieved my first muscle-up with a resistance band! Even with the e-book only you can make a lot of progress.


calisthenics family handstand e-book review


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Calisthenics Family E-book
calisthenics family handstand e-book review
Calisthenics e-book review