The Calisthenics Journey of...

Fabian Ruivenkamp

Location: Netherlands
Products: Custom Program
Date: November 28, 2018
I have achieved results that I never dared to dream.

I wanted to start calisthenics for a long time but did not know how and where to start, so I just went on with fitness. when the time was I trying to get lean. At one point I ran into Calisthenics Family and saw that they offered different programs to take calisthenics to another level. I was immediately enthusiastic, so enthusiastic that I quit fitness and immediately bought the “Custom Program.” After having paid, I got a form that I had to answer so they could fulfill my wish as best I wanted to learn the back-lever, front-lever, muscle-up and L-sit to handstand . A few days later I got an extensive and clear program with all the workouts. The program contained explanations about the program itself, good explanation about the warm- up including stretching, 6 different workouts (I wanted to train 6 times a week) and also behind each exercise a Youtube link with a video where the exercise is explained.

Every week I could upload my videos in Google Drive so that Calisthenics Family could view them and give me feedback again, this helped me a lot!

Now 8 weeks later I have achieved results that I never dared to dream, my calisthenics level has definitely been raised to a higher level and my fat percentage is lower than ever !!

L-sit to Handstand after the program!

Muscle ups after the program!

Full Backlever after the program!

One leg frontlever after the program!

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