The Calisthenics Journey of...

Filip Fastre

Location: België
Products: Weight Loss & Full Journey
Date: May 11, 2021
''I am already feeling healthier, better in my skin, and I gave my self-confidence an enormous boost.''

Weight Loss Workout Diet Plan & Full Journey Package

Hereby my transformation of the 12-week Newyears Challenge. I followed the 30 Day Weight Loss Workout and Diet Plan. Especially the workouts are amazing, fully total loss after 3 rounds. That’s what we doing it for!! FANTASTIC program. Halfway through the Challenge I also started with the Full Journey Package. After the New Year’s Challenge I also joined the Summer Challenge which gave me a lot of motivation. During this Challenge, I made a lot of progress with the Full Journey.

I’m very proud of the results and also if I don’t win one of the prices, I am feeling healthier and I gave my self-confidence an enormous boost.

That’s why I’m a winner anyway! 💪

Transformatie Calisthenics Family


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