The Calisthenics Journey of...

Floris Stumpel

Location: Nederland
Products: Calisthenics Basics Course
Date: January 1, 2021
''Your body needs exercise, why not enjoy it at the same time?''

Calisthenics Basics Course

In the beginning, you think: Surely not everyone can do such a complex sport as those people on YouTube? In some way, that statement is correct, especially since these are often people who have made it their job (content creator), just like Michael and Yannick. But the other side of the coin is that these gentlemen are committed to taking you to this level too!

With the help of the Calisthenics Basics Course you can get very far! Strong content and worthy exercises. Because of the good layout of the programs, you get to know the most incredible movements. Which is already a challenge itself. Give yourself, but also your body, the time to get used to this sport.

I have an office job and my body was not used to all these “crazy” positions. While, the strange thing is that your body should be able to do these exercises. Give your body the attention it needs and pay close attention to the instructional videos, because using the correct posture (as they show it) is your greatest win!! Calisthenics is a fun and challenging sport. It combines mind, body and fun in one!

Let yourself be convinced by this message or not. Either way, the Calisthenics Family programs bring me a lot of fun and teach me how to handle my body properly. In addition, it relieves the daily aches and pains that you develop when you have an office job, just like me. Through these programs and sport, you learn to control your body instead of your body controlling you!

My advice: Your body needs exercise, why not enjoy it at the same time? Walking is relaxed from time to time, but it is also “boring”. Walking upside down, on the other hand, who wouldn’t want that 😉.

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