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Gordon Bedford

Location: Switzerland
Products: Custom Program + Coaching
I achieved almost all of my goals already during my coaching period.

Custom program + Online Coaching

I have been with Calisthenics Family for almost 3 Months now and all the time I had Yannick as my personal trainer. We talked about my goals and current level and they put together a program and I had 4 things that I wanted to achieve; the muscle up, handstand, frontlever and backlever. And the program was made that every element of it was around achieving those goals. I have done really well, I am so happy with my progress! I pretty much got the handstand now, for the frontlever I got a straddle,  and my full backlever is really solid.

I gotta say, the best thing about the coaching is how personal it is, the relationship you get with the guys with coaching. We do weekly check-ins and review videos and the progress and it really helps build motivation and also drive improvement, they’re giving tips to ensure that everything keeps getting better. I’ve learned so much by just letting Yannick reviewing the video’s I sent.

For everybody who’s thinking of signing up with the calisthenics family, I just say go for it! Think about what goals you want to achieve, if you want to get stronger or learn new skills, talk with the guys about it and together you work out a program that not only fits in your lifestyle, I travel a lot and they came up with moves that I could perform simply anywhere.

So my feedback is, go for it! and start your journey


Custom program + Online Coaching Review

Full Backlever ,After the program

Free Handstand, After the program

Straddle Frontlever, After the program

Wide pull ups, After the program

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