The Calisthenics Journey of...

Jules Appeldoorn

At the age of: 18
Location: Netherlands
Products: Calisthenics Basics Course
Date: November 17, 2020
I must say that I have already made a lot of progress with Calisthenics.

Calisthenics Basics Course (November 2020)

Calisthenics has completely changed my life. I never had the energy and motivation to exercise, but this has changed because of the challenge and energy I get from this sport every day. Not only physically, but I also enjoy my workouts much more! It has really become my hobby.

I did the Calisthenics Basics Course and I am really impressed with how comprehensive this course is. Despite the fact that I already had experience with Calisthenics, the course helped me a lot. All exercises, even the simplest exercises, are explained step by step. Each exercise also contains common mistakes. This helped me learn the correct technique quickly. I caught myself not doing some exercises correctly yet. The course includes a lot of theory and a lot of different exercises. So not only push-ups, dips, etc., but also easier and more difficult variants of push-ups for example. After looking at all the theory you can take a quiz to see if you understand everything. I personally really like this! After watching all theory and instructional videos, I followed the attached workout plan. It is super motivating and I couldn’t wait for my next training!

It’s also nice that there is an exam with the course. If you have done all the quizzes, the exam is not that difficult. I scored an 8.5 and then received a Calisthenics Family Certificate at home. It is now hanging in my room where I am now training for different Calisthenics skills! I must say that I have already made a lot of progress with Calisthenics. I recommend everyone to start with this sport! Especially now during the lockdown, it is the perfect way to train at home (or outside at a Calisthenics park). Michael & Yannick always answer your questions quickly. Thanks, guys!

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