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Lasse M

Location: Denmark
Products: Custom Program+ Parallettes
Date: November 27, 2018
I managed to fulfill 6 of my 8 program goals, including the main goal: the l-sit to handstand

Custom Program, (nov,2018)

“L-sit to handstand” is a pretty awesome calisthenics move. It takes a lot of core and shoulder strength (plus a lot of body awareness) to master. Before using the program from Yannick and Michael I have been focusing on the movement for some months. I improved a little back then but I was still far away to master the move. I needed a program that could challenge me and keep me motivated.

Therefore I bought a program from the Calisthenics Family. The program is written so it fits your fitness level, and even though the program’s main goal was the  “L-sit to handstand” move, it also had 7 other goals. In my custom program it was: (15 sec. tuck planche hold, 20 sec free handstand hold, 45 sec. reverse wall handstand hold, 8 handstand wall push ups, 60 sec. hollow body hold, 120 sec. superman hold).

I managed to fulfilled 6 of the 8 goals, included the main goal. Actually I got my first “L-sit to handstand” in the last workout in the last week. I know there is still a lot work ahead to master the movement, but the program gave me the tools to get my first one.

Thanks Yannick and Michael, I really recommend everybody to try it. I’m on my 2nd program now, and I will definitely buy the 3rd program when I finish my current program.

Parallettes (Oct, 2018)

The paralletes are very good. The old ones I had (a cheap pair from the local sports shop) just broke the day I received the new ones (lucky me) They are very stable and the thick handles make it perfect (and easier) to get in the right position when you are upside down(handstand, l-sit to handstand, ect). A must have for calisthenics athletes who want to progress fast, save and the right way!

First good Handstand!

First L-sit to Handstand!

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