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Mathijs Wiering

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Date:August 10, 2018
I make handstands as if I've been doing them for years

At the beginning of 2018, I set myself a number of sporting goals. Three of these goals had to do with calisthenics, namely being able to hold a muscle, hold a handstand and control one-arm push-ups. I have already done a lot of strength training, but it seemed cool to develop more in calisthenics. Through Youtube I ended up on the channel of Yannick and Michael and I followed them on social media. Through their stories I found out that they offered programs for people who wanted to start calisthenics. That was exactly what I needed!

I bought the program and together with my girlfriend I tried to do the exercises regularly during our strength training. In addition, we decided to do home exercises twice a week (pullups, frogstand, L-sit, handstand) in a kind of small circuit. To be honest, I did not keep 100% of the program, but it certainly has taken me much further! I have integrated a large number of elements from the program into my training and mainly focused on handstand and L-sit. I started practicing this with the help of the program and the videos of Yannick and Michael that were very valuable to me. In addition, I had weekly contact with one of them to discuss my progress. This worked super and they were incredibly enthusiastic, I really noticed their passion and desire to transfer their knowledge about Calisthenics to me and others.

Where did the program ultimately take us?

Although I was not so dedicated during the 8-week program (because of a small dip), it certainly earned me a lot. I make handstands as if I’ve been doing them for years. Admittedly against a wall, but for the program I certainly did not dare! I now practice to be able to stand without a wall. In addition, my L-sit is getting longer every day. Moreover, the program has ensured that in all cases I have become enthusiastic about this sport. It feels incredibly good for the core and you also feel stronger in the weeks. I will certainly continue with it. My friend made the same progress, she also never dared to do a handstand, but that is now easy. The beginning is there for both of us and we both want to continue with this.

In short: guys, keep it up, your enthusiasm for this sport is very contagious and your way of coaching is really great! The possibility to visit one of your open trainings has unfortunately not yet happened (because of the distance). But that you have offered this shows how much you want to transfer this sport to others. I may not have been your most representative student, but I’m happy with the result and I’m sure now!


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