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Matien Azemy

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Date:September 19, 2019
I went from a tuck back lever to a one leg back lever in like 6 weeks.

Custom Program + Online Coaching (April,2019)

Hey I am Matien and back in April I bought a Calisthenics Family program. I bought the costum program togheter with online ooaching and I have to say that the results were great.

Let’s talk about my goals. I wanted to improve:

– Back Lever
– Front Lever
– Human Flag
– Amount of Muscle ups

These are mainly strenght wise goals. And guess what, it happened. I got great results. I went from a tuck back lever to a one leg back lever in like 6 weeks. My front lever has also improved a lot. I went from a one leg front lever to a straddle front lever. My human flag went from a one leg human flag to almost a full human flag. And the amount of muscle ups went from 3 to 7 clean muscle ups.

It’s not only the program that helped with these result, also the online coaching. Every week I send a video of me doing the workouts to Michael. And he gave me detailled tips. I used these tips in the following workouts and I improved a lot.

I highly recommend you to buy the costum program togheter with online coaching. The online coaching will really boost your progress and I think the costum program is awesome becuase it fits your own lifestyle. It doens’t matter at what level you are at.

Custom program + Online Coaching Review

Human Flag after the program!

Back lever progress after program!

Front lever after program!

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