The Calisthenics Journey of...

Merijn Schoeber

At the age of: 23
Location: Netherlands
Products: Personal Training
Date: September 8, 2018

I wanted to try out some Calisthenics. So I reached out to Michael & Yannick.  My goal was to learn the handstand, the backlever and the frontlever. Within 2 personal training sessions I mastered the basics. Michael & Yannick noticed that I was quite stiff from my gym workouts, so we worked on flexibility. This helped me a lot to become more functional. I’m really excited about trying this. After a few sessions Michael & Yannick made a personal program for me that I can use now for my own sessions.

Now I know the technique and things I have to pay attention too I’m now ready to work on these skills by myself.

We also made a video of the first session together! I managed to do the Poleflag in just 1 session!

Poleflag after 1 traning session!

Frogstand Progress!

Backlever progress!


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