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Niels Polak

At the age of:24
Products:Meal Plan
Date:November 24, 2018
"I have found back the enjoyment of working out!"

Personal Meal Plan (Nov, 2018)

Michael & Yannick know what they talk about. Within a few hours after my payment I recieved my personal mealplan. At fist it did go really well, but after a few weeks I forgot to weigh myself etc. But everytime I thought I would quit, the brothers send me an e-mail for my check-in. Although I didn’t get everything out of my plan, I would recommend this 100%. The brothers keep on motivating you, even if  you’ve a hard time sticking to the plan.

The check-ins resulted in more motivation for me. I just started with their grouptraining and I started with my mealplan again as well. It was definitely worth my money.

Beginner Program (March, 2018)

Hey, I am in my third week of the program and I love it! I just feel so much better now! Everytime I go with a smile on my face to the gym. This is what I lost when I only did bodybuilding. There’s nothing wrong with bodybuilding tho…, but I saw this more of a must rather than working out and feeling good. With this Calisthenics program I have this feeling back! In the first few weeks I was searching and struggling because I had never done these exercises and sometimes I just got demotivated by that. In the meantime I notice that I get better step by step. I personally never worked with a logbook in which I write down my results, but since I’m doing that it helps my progress enormously. During every new workout I look into my logbook and check how many seconds or repitions I had the last workout and then I’ll try to beat myself. That works really motivated.

I personally really like the fact that every exercise in the program are widely included. Every exercise is explained by a video and therefore I am able to learn the exercise faster and in the right way. I also like the fact that you get support by e-mail or Instagram. A few times I had a question and I got an answer very quickly. The tips that I got by their support had also helped me to progress even faster. They know where they are talking about!

As a tip I would say that the program is challenging and maybe only suitable for people that want to work hard to get real results. It is still a beginner program tho.. but you have to put some effort into it whether you’re a beginner or not.

Altogether I am really happy that this came into my path. I have found back the enjoyment of going to the gym! I can’t wait till the weather gets better so I can start training outside!

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