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Ricardo de Boer

Location: Netherlands
Products: Parallettes
Date: October 11, 2018
There will be less stress on your wrists, because the bars are thicker.

Been following calisthenics family for almost two years now via instagram. Via instragram they also introduced their parallettes which are unique compared to all other paralettes.

I have tried different paralettes and I can really recommend these paralettes for the following reasons:

-They are ridiculously light, compared to the other paralettes I used! So light, you would probably think that the quality of the paralettes would go down because of this. Nonsense!

-They are made out of wood. For the ones who have sweaty hands like me, I can definitely recommend wooden paralettes.

-They are thicker than all other paralettes. This is probably the most important reason why you should consider these paralettes instead of others. The thicker the handles the easier all the exercises get. It will probably feel a bit weird if you are used to smaller paralettes, but trust me after using it once, you’ll definitely agree with me on this one. Also their will be less stress on your wrists, because the bars are thicker.

All in all, these paralettes are definitely recommended compared to their peers. Especially the thickness of these wooden paralletes make them unique!

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