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Yudhistar Bedi

Location: United States
Products: Online Coaching

Online Coaching

I just finished Online Coaching. Before this, when I wanted to start Calisthenics, I was looking at youtube channels and Instagram pages, I really couldn’t find a routine that I could stick with. And that’s when I founded Calisthenics Family. And they were offering this custom program plus the online coaching for a very affordable price, So I decided to try it! Before this, I was going to the gym doing isolated muscle exercises and deadlifts and squats but I wasn’t doing bodyweight stuff.

So the program was challenging in the beginning, I had to use resistance bands. To keep track of my progress I was using a logbook that was shared by my coach, so both of us had access to it and I would update my logbook with reps and sets. And basically, my coach would give me feedback and encouragement. For example when I was hitting a plateau that I couldn’t breakthrough, but also when the workouts were getting too easy for me, then he would make it harder. So there was always progression at each workout whether it were push or pull exercises.

The other aspect of online coaching that was really helpful was the weekly video feedback. I had to upload weekly videos of some of the exercises and then at the end of the week I would get feedback on my form or if it was too easy or if I needed help with my technique. So this was really helpful because you get detailed feedback, for example in the first couple of weeks I realized that I was doing pullups with only half the range of motion, so that was something that my coach found out. At the end of my program, all of my exercises were quality reps and very good form. Another great thing about the videos was that I was able to check my progress throughout the program.

The fact that I had to upload videos and my logbook really made me accountable because I always wanted to finish those workouts so that I could have my files uploaded before we had the weekly check-in. This really kept me motivation throughout the program.

The other aspects of online coaching that were really good was getting advice on nutrition. So through the program I was able to build muscle and reduce my bodyfat by 2%. And this is really helpful for calisthenics because a lot of the skills require you to be light as possible but also you need certain amount of muscle strength so you can progress.

Another important aspect of calisthenics is flexibility and mobility, this was something that I talked with my coach about. For example in the first few weeks I couldn’t even jump to a wall handstand. So my coach suggested some stretching exercises and even some yoga routines that really helped me open up. And this got me to the wall 2 weeks later and by the end of the program I was already holding a free handstand for a few seconds.

Lastly I want to say that this is something really easy to follow, you’ve always got the motivation you don’t have to go to a gym, I used to just run to a park so I never had to wait for a bench or rackĀ  something. It was really easy to fit into my schedule, as a student I am working in a lab that’s really important for me.

The coaching really worked wonders for me, so if anyone wants to start with calisthenics I would highly recommend coaching! It will do the same for you.

Beginner Program + Online Coaching Review

Handstand against the wall & Freestanding after the program!

Wide pull ups after the program!

Pistol Squats, after the program!

Vertical Flag hold after the program!

L-sit Hang, after the program!

Pike push ups, after the program!

Scin the cats, after the program!

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