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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re already a Pro Member you can obviously join this challenge too. We are here to motivate our loyal members to crush their goals faster!

Every Pro Member received an e-mail from us to join this challenge. You can join by clicking the bottom link in the e-mail. When clicking this link you’ll automatically  join the challenge and receive e-mails to fill in the registration form.

Please note that you must be a Pro Member during the start and end date of the challenge. Does your 3-month Pro Membership expire during the challenge? Then extend this with an extra period of 3 months.

If you’ve already started a coaching program together with one of our certified coaches you can join too!

All our coaching clients received an e-mail from us to join this challenge. You can join by clicking the bottom link in the e-mail. When clicking this link you’ll automatically  join the challenge and receive e-mails to fill in the registration form.

Also let your coach know that you’d like to join this challenge!

Please note that you must be a coaching client during the start and end date of the challenge. Does your 3-month coaching process ends in the meantime? Then extend this with an extra period of 3 months.

When you become a Pro Member of our Calisthenics Family App you get access to the Pro App and all the benefits described in the question above. You can follow all our Workout Programs, but you can also create your own Workout and Nutrition Plans. In addition, you can always ask questions in the Community as described in the FAQ about Support.

But do you want to be personally guided and get motivated in your calisthenics journey by a certified calisthenics coach and work effectively on your personal goals? Then our 1-on-1 Calisthenics Coaching is for you! Our Online Coaching includes:

  • Pro Membership Calisthenics Family App
  • Your own certified Calisthenics Coach
  • Intake with your coach
  • Ask questions 24/7 via WhatsApp
  • Check-Ins every two weeks
  • Personal Workout Plan
  • Personal Meal Plan
  • Unlimited feedback
  • Detailed Nutrition Guide
  • Easy Recipe Book

Our Coaching clients have experienced personal contact as the most success-determining factor. Read all info about Online Coaching here.

Calisthenics is suitable for everyone! Calisthenics means training with your own body weight. For example, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats belong to the basic exercises of calisthenics. If your goal is losing weight, getting fit, getting stronger, creating muscle mass, or learning impressive skills, then calisthenics will be 100% suitable for you! The programs in the app start at Ultra Beginner Level with no training experience required

But even if you already have training experience, calisthenics is for you. You’ll be challenged to work towards impressive skills such as Handstand push-ups, a Human Flag, a Frontlever, and more!

Are you doing weightlifting and do you want to keep doing this? Then follow our Calisthenics & Gym program so that you can do both! Is losing weight your first goal? Then our Weight Loss Plan is the ideal program for you. Or do you just want to focus on one specific skill like the Handstand? Then try our various Skill Mastery Programs! In short, our calisthenics app is suitable for everyone!

This differs per program and sometimes per level. With some programs, the training intensity increases as you level up. However, it’s always a bit of advice. In your workout calendar in the app, you can plan how often and on which days you want to follow a specific program. It’s also possible to move a training session in the workout calender. 

So, do you want to build up your workouts slowly, do you have irregular shifts at your work or just a busy life? No problem. We think it’s important if you listen to your needs. However, we do recommend that you build up the number of training sessions and follow the training routines as strictly as possible in order to be able to work towards the training goals.

We have already helped clients aged between 12 and (76!) years with our workout plans and coaching. The fact that you train with your own bodyweight makes it a very safe, responsible, and accessible way of exercising.

You can build it up slowly and go over your limits less quickly in comparison with weightlifting. If you are not sure whether a particular program is suitable for your age and training experience, you can always email us so we can advise you. 

Calisthenics is bodyweight training which means you can do almost every exercise with your own body weight. It varies per program whether you need training material or not. You can find this information in the program description in the app.

If you don’t have access to a calisthenics park or a gym, then we recommend you getting a pull-up bar (e.g. that you can hang between the door) and parallel bars (or rings), so that you can do pull-ups, dips, etc. For our Calisthenics at Home Plan, you don’t need any workout equipment!

You can cancel at any time. There is a notice period of 1 month.

Take a look at the reviews and success stories of our members. Our members have experienced step-by-step training methods, different levels, and instructional videos as the most success-determining factors.

We have already helped thousands of people achieve their dream bodies and calisthenics goals with the help of our workout plans. With 230+ five-star Google reviews, we assure you that you will achieve your goals with us!

Have you ever wondered why we are called the ‘Calisthenics Family’? Because in our Calisthenics Family you are never alone! In our App we have a very active Free Community and Member Community where members ask questions, share training progress, tips, and ideas, and motivate each other! However, not only do members support each other, but we are also active in the communities to answer questions, give tips and motivate you as a member.

Besides, you can ask your questions by e-mail. As a Member, you will be added to our priority mailing list and you will receive a response within 1 to 48 hours on working days.

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