4-pack Resistance Bands – Light/Medium

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Calisthenics Family Resistance Bands – Set of 4 – Light/Medium

These Calisthenics Family Resistance Bands – Set of 4 – Light/Medium are perfect for every beginner that wants to progress with dips.  By combining Bands such as the purple and black band together you create a strong band with even more resistance/support. We recommend that any beginner use a pair of these Resistance Bands for optimal training results. CaliFam Resistance Bands are of excellent quality and can be used for many exercises. The elasticity of the power bands offers many possibilities. For example for practising pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups, and skills such as the back lever, front lever, and the planche.

The Calisthenics Family Resistance Bands – Set of 4 – Light/Medium are made from 100% durable latex rubber. The resistance bands have a seamless design. This unique design ensures that the band has no weak points and prevents tearing. Each band has a thickness of 5 millimeters. This means that CaliFam Resistance Bands are of very strong quality and last longer.


  • Ideal for training and strengthening basic exercises such as the pull up and the dip.
  • Useful for training skills such as the backlever, front liver and planche.
  • Useful for warming up, stretching and cooling down.
  • Made from 100% premium latex rubber
  • Seamless design prevents tearing
  • Easy to take with you thanks to its compact size and portable bag
  • Suitable for every sport level
  • Quality design

Amount of resistance:
Ultra light (yellow)         3-5 kg
Light (Red):                      5-15 kg

Medium (Black):             15-30 kg
Strong (Purple):              20-45 kg

Full 4-package including the bag weighs +- 630 gram

Delivery times:

  • Netherlands: 1-2 working days
  • Europe: 2-5 working days
  • Non-Europe: 6-12 working days

Return/exchange conditions
Articles* can be returned within 30 days of receipt. Register a return by e-mail by emailing info@calisthenics-family.com mentioning the reason. Returned items must be in their original condition and undamaged. You pay the costs for a return shipment. In case of an exchange, we ship the desired item to you free of charge.

*articles refer to physical goods.

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What others say about Calisthenics Family

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edit 9
Martijn Ruijterkamp

”I wanted to change my physique. Michael told me that nutrition is key to see results. So I also followed a personal meal plan for 8 weeks. It helped me so much. I lost almost 5kg and therefore bodyweight training became much easier for me…”

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Richard Derks

“Using these wooden parallettes for 3 weeks now. Besides the fact that they look really nice, they are usefull during your workouts. They have a nice handgrip, are very stable..”

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Koen Janssen

“With this program it becomes very easy for anyone to start with Calisthenics the right way! You can make endless progressions with the level-system method…”

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Joshua Hull

“As soon as the paralletes arrived I knew they would be awesome. With wider handles for more grip and stability, it makes any skill a treat to practise and perform…”

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12 reviews for 4-pack Resistance Bands – Light/Medium

  1. Michael

    Very happy with the resistance band. I bought the full package. I received them very quick.
    The resistance band improved my training warm up and stretching routine.
    The bag is very useful to bring them aleays with me

  2. Tim (verified owner)

    The Resistance Bands are really great and good quality. I really like using them. They help to progress into new excercises!! Just Awesome 🙂

  3. Vic (verified owner)

    Very Happy!

  4. Paraskevas

    The rubber bands are great.I use them for assisted musle ups, pull ups and drills. They are ideal for increasing strength and can be used in various ways in training. They are of high quality and the bag is an easy way to store them

  5. Robert Baltic

    Took advantage of the 20% discount recently as cheaper than the sports shop where I live. Excellent quality and good length for assisted pull-ups which I mostly use them for in addition to stretching and warm up exercises. They in a small bag which is useful. Combining two or even three bands works well – can recommend these bands to anybody thinking about buying them

  6. William Palmer

    Excellent quality. Also some of the bands and stronger than I thought they would be so on most exercises I’m using the weaker ones .
    Very impressed

  7. Mujtaba (verified owner)

    Die Assistentbänder haben gute Qualität bin zufrieden und empfehle auch für die die noch am überlegen sind zu kaufen.Ich habe es geholt weil ich wollte einfach einen Schritt weiter kommen im meinen Training.

  8. Gavin Carlile

    Great bands, this is my 3rd set now, 1 for work, 1 for home and 1 for holiday’s.

  9. Sonny (verified owner)

    Net spul, doet zn werk.

  10. Gustaf Modig (verified owner)

    Simply fantastic!

  11. James Smith

    Great bands. Quality is good and they helped me to unlock my first pull-up!

  12. Rasmus

    I bought the full package of resistance band and they are great. Every band can be used for certain exercises, I use the some for Muscle ups and others for warm up and stretching.

    I do recommend them, you eveb get a Cali bag to keep them in with a handle.

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