CaliFam 3-pack Resistance Bands – Strong

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Calisthenics Family Resistance Bands – Set of 3 – Strong

These Calisthenics Family Resistance Bands – Set of 3 – Strong are perfect for every beginner that wants to progress with pull-ups and muscle-ups.  We recommend every beginner to get a pair of these bands for optimal training results. CaliFam resistance bands are of excellent quality and can be used for many exercises. The elasticity of the power bands offers many possibilities. For example for practicing pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups, and skills such as the back lever, front lever, and the planche.

The Calisthenics Family Resistance Bands – Set of 3 – Strong are made from 100% durable latex rubber. The resistance bands have a seamless design. This unique design ensures that the band has no weak points and prevents tearing. Each band has a thickness of 5 millimeters. This means that Calisthenics Family Resistance Bands – Set of 3 – Strong are of very strong quality and last longer.


  • Ideal for training and strengthening basic exercises such as the pull up and the dip.
  • Useful for training skills such as the backlever, front liver and planche.
  • Useful for warming up, stretching and cooling down.
  • Made from 100% premium latex rubber
  • Seamless design prevents tearing
  • Easy to take with you thanks to its compact size and portable bag
  • Suitable for every sport level
  • Quality design

Amount of resistance:
Strong (Purple):              20-45 kg
Extra Strong (Green):    25-55 kg
Extreme (Blue):              35-75 kg

Full package including the bag weighs +- 1200 gram

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  • Netherlands: 2-3 working days
  • Europe: 4-8 working days
  • Non-Europe: 8-12 working days

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What others say about Calisthenics Family

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Martijn Ruijterkamp

”I wanted to change my physique. Michael told me that nutrition is key to see results. So I also followed a personal meal plan for 8 weeks. It helped me so much. I lost almost 5kg and therefore bodyweight training became much easier for me…”

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Jan Klein Klouwenberg

“The parallettes are simply perfect. They are compact, weigh surprisingly little and are extremely stable. I think they set a new standard for parallettes…”

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Richard Derks

“Using these wooden parallettes for 3 weeks now. Besides the fact that they look really nice, they are usefull during your workouts. They have a nice handgrip, are very stable..”

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Koen Janssen

“With this program it becomes very easy for anyone to start with Calisthenics the right way! You can make endless progressions with the level-system method…”

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Additional information

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 7 cm

8 reviews for CaliFam 3-pack Resistance Bands – Strong

  1. Michael & Yannick

    Hey guys! Please leave your reviews here! We care about your opinion, so we always can improve our products🙂. Make sure to also check the reviews about our CaliFam equipment if you scroll down in the description box. Many thanks!

  2. Jos de Boer

    I won the full package during the LIVE sessions of the Calisthenics Basics Course. I have been training with it for over 2 months and the quality is great! Strong bands, nice design, and a handy bag that is included. Thanks again!

  3. Luuk ten Horst

    I bought the Strong 3-pack Resistance Bands which provide a heavy resistance. These are very helpful when training for the muscle-up and adding resistance for other moves. Quality is very good and I received them within 2 days. Overall an awesome product!

  4. Jules Appeldoorn

    Absolutely love these bands. They are really helpful for different exercises. These bands have much more density than other bands I used before. I definitely recommend this!

  5. Anais Puyobro

    top quality! and perfect set for anybody starting calisthenics or more advances! love them

  6. Max Weiß

    I Love Them, they are so helpful when you try new exercises or more difficult variations. They are of really high quality and I am sure they will last a long time.

  7. Neil Pinnock

    A great set of strong bands. Definitely worth the investment for anybody just starting out or advanced on their calisthenics journey.

  8. Franck Sédillot

    I love these high quality bands. They are extremely useful and necessary for calisthenic progression.

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