Gymnastic Rings with Optimal Grip

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Calisthenics Family Rings

High-Quality Wooden Calisthenics/ Gymnastic / Crossfit Rings with an optimal handgrip diameter.


  • Material: Birch wood
  • Ring diameter: 236 mm
  • Grip diameter: 32 mm
  • Strap Length: 450 cm
  • Strong Steel SafeLock Buckle

Product Benefits

  • High-Quality Calisthenics / Gymnastic Rings with optimal bar grip
  • Thicker 32 mm bars give you more grip which makes exercising more accessible and prevents wrist injuries
  • Extra long strap enables you to hang them on any height (also a tree)
  • Lightweight that makes it easy to carry/bring in a sports bag

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  • Netherlands: 2-3 working days
  • Europe: 4-8 working days
  • Non-Europe: 8-12 working days

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Additional information

Weight 1,8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 8 cm

16 reviews for Gymnastic Rings with Optimal Grip

  1. English

    Arjan van der Zwan

    I was fortunate enough to get me a set of these rings by winning the Weekly Give Away from Calisthenics Family’s YouTube channel and I’m loving them. Having occasionally worked out with 28mm rings before I immediately noticed the 32mm diameter makes a big difference. These rings are not only way more friendly for the hands and wrists during push or stability exercises but it also feels like the wider grip lets me make more use of the strength I have during pull exercises. The quality of the material is top-notch. No surprise, because I have noticed this before with the parallettes. The rings, straps and buckles all feel very solid and, even though I am around 100 kg and do some explosive movements, the buckles keep the straps exactly at the length I installed them. Not the slightest bit of slipping. Absolutely great stuff!

  2. English

    Conrad Smith

    So glad with my purchase. Rings came in fast and feel fantastic. Thanks guys

  3. English

    James Smith

    The rings are of great quality. Worth your money!

  4. Dutch

    Danny van der leeuw

    De ringen op woensdag besteld en vandaag (vrijdag) binnen gekregen. Product ziet er goed en kwalitatief uit. Gelijk getest en een top training gehad!

  5. English

    Brandon kyle

    Best rings i’ve ever used. Thanks so much Family!

  6. English

    Eva simone

    These rings are sooo much better than the regular ones I used to have. They give the grip and stability that I need during push ups, dips and pull ups.

  7. English

    Tim Bradword

    These rings with a slightly thicker diameter make a world of a difference in grip. Thanks guys!

  8. English

    Jorick Houwer (verified owner)

    Het is echt een verrijking van je oefeningen om deze met ringen te doen. Zelfs eenvoudige pushups worden een stuk zwaarder en uitdagender. De ringen hebben goede grip en zijn makkelijk te verstellen. Aanrader voor je calisthenics workouts.

  9. English

    Martijn (verified owner)

    Ik gebruikte altijd een TRX maar daar kon je bijvoorbeeld niet lekker je borst training omdat de TRX bovenin op één punt vast zit.
    Nu heb ik de calisthenics ringen gekocht en daar ben ik heel blij mee. Ik vind de oefeningen met de ringen lekkerder dan met de TRX.
    Verder zien ze er stoer uit. Een aanrader!

  10. English


    I purchased a set of “High Quality Rings with Optimal Grip” Great product and exceptional customer service,..second to none!! Highly recommend. Will buy from these folks again.

  11. English


    I ordered the rings last Thursday and they arrived on Saturday. I have already used them during my chest training. They are easy to attach and of good quality . Recommended for sure!

  12. Dutch


    Ik heb afgelopen donderdag de ringen besteld en ze kwamen zaterdag binnen. Ik heb ze al gebruikt tijdens mijn chest training. Ze zijn stevig en fijn in gebruik. Aanrader!

  13. English


    After buying the parallettes a year ago I immediately ordered the rings when they were launched. I really wanted to take them on vacation and they were delivered quickly. Nice design and easy to hang. Just did my first workout and I’m very happy with it!

  14. English

    Michael & Yannick (verified owner)

    Hey guys! Please leave your reviews here! We care about your opinion, so we always can improve our products🙂. Make sure to also check the reviews about our CaliFam equipment if you scroll down in the description box. Many thanks!

  15. Dutch


    Na het kopen van de parallettes heb ik ook meteen de ringen besteld. Wilde ze meenemen op vakantie en ze werden snel geleverd. Strak design en eenvoudig op te hangen. Net mijn eerste training gedaan en super blij mee!

  16. Dutch

    Michael & Yannick (verified owner)

    Hi! Laat hieronder jouw review achter! We hechten veel waarde aan jouw beoordeling, zodat we onze producten kunnen blijven innoveren🙂. Bekijk ook de reviews over onze CaliFam equipment als je naar beneden scrolt in het ‘Beschrijving’ menu. Heel erg bedankt!

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