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Calisthenics Family Parallettes
Handcrafted light Wooden Calisthenics Parallettes with solid stability, an optimal handgrip diameter and anti-slip bottom. 


  • Material: Pine Wood
  • Width: 20 cm
  • Length 36,5 cm
  • Height 10 cm
  • Weights 800 grams each
  • Grip diameter 45 mm

Product Benefits

  • Nice looking Calisthenics Parallettes design.
  • Thicker bars give you more grip which prevents wrist injuries (e.g. in handstand and planche exercises)
  • Thicker bars have more surface to press on for push-up variations (makes it easier)
  • Low height makes practicing the handstand easier and less scary

Note: Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.
Note: Wood is a natural product, irregularities can occur in the (color)appearance & weight. 

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  • Europe: 2-5  working days
  • Non-Europe: 5-12 working days

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Additional information

Weight 1,6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 10 cm

33 reviews for Parallettes with optimal grip

  1. Robin Thonen (verified owner)

    Perfect paralettes to practice my handstand. The grip is better than my previous paralettes

  2. Gary Hatton (verified owner)

    I initially bought a cheap set of parallettes which initially did the job but decided to by these parallettes from the people who live and breath calisthenics. They are superb with a nice wide grip and beautifully finished and offer a different angle for your wrists when doing multiple handstands , well worth the money and 5star review .

  3. Paraskevas (verified owner)

    These parallets are of high quality, robust and steady! The size is ideal. I am very happy for using them in my calisthenics training!

  4. Gavin Carlile (verified owner)

    I was not sure about ordering these, however they are amazing and well worth the money, super stable and with nice thick handles, a great asset to Calisthenics training.

  5. Olaf Kaan

    Best parallettes on the market, even better than Gornation. The thicker grip makes a world of a difference.

  6. Jorge Luis Navarro García (verified owner)

    The paralletes are so sturdy. And wood has been sanded and polished. Contact does not feel cheap.

    I have piano hands so it’s difficult for me to feel a wide grip that will help my wrists stay neutral without stressing in the process.

    I could hold the grip even if they were a bit wider, but i can practice the planches with confidence. Good quality. Look forward to so many weeks of practice with my paralletes.

  7. Danny Cavrois (verified owner)

    Ik heb de parralets van Calisthenics fam nu een paar weken in gebruik en ben er heel tevreden van,ze zien er niet alleen fantastisch uit maar zijn ook heel stevig en hebben een goede grip,zowel op de grond als voor je handen
    Beste aankoop sinds tijden

  8. James Smith

    Great product. You can tell these are designed from experience.

  9. Brandon Kyle

    Parallettes are of super quality. The thicker bars really make a big difference in grip and stability. Also my wrist don’t hurt anymore 😀

  10. Daniel Jackson

    Unlocked the handstand because of these parallettes! Definitely worth your money!

  11. Tim Bradword

    These are by far the best parallettes I’ve ever used. The little extra wider grip is a huge difference in stabilization and overall performance. Great work guys!

  12. Steven Marijnissen (verified owner)

    Very good thick grip. Now i can do the pushups with more control. The height is perfect. The material is very nice.

  13. Kenny Canwell

    Optimal grip indeed! 💪🏼

  14. Lucas Miller

    Such great parallettes. After buying these I am finally able to do a proper handstand. Didn’t think the thicker bars would make such a big difference but man was i wrong! They didn’t lie about optimal grip 😀

  15. Henry Janssen

    Love the parallettes. Thanks so much guys!

  16. Thomas Rah

    Price is a little bit high but defenitely dont regret buying them. Best ones i have tried out so far!

  17. Gerard P.

    Really happy with these paralettes. Handstand is improving a lot since i bought them 🙂 Highly recommended!

  18. Mike Oxlong

    Without doubt the best ones around. Grip is indeed optimal and very easy to take with you. Thank you Michael & Yannick!!

  19. Joris

    Easy to take with you. Very comfi in your hands. Best ones i have used so far no doubt.

  20. Mike

    Really comfortable. Also very easy to take with you because they are very light weight. Defenitely recommend them 🙂

  21. Wesley J

    I’m using the parallettes for a few weeks now. I already notice less stress on my wrist when doing push exercises. Thanks a lot boys!

  22. Yazen

    Best parallettes that I have ever used. 100% worh the money.

  23. Axel Hekkelman

    Right after Michael & Yannick released their parallettes I immidetaly bought them. I already tested them during the training sessions and I noticed how the thicker bar feels so stable. Since I’ve been using these parallettes I made faster progress in my handstands! I definitely recommend these to others!

  24. Bas kesseler

    During the group training I also came into contact with the Parrallets. When I first used them for handstand, I clearly noticed a difference with a loose handstand on the floor. Apart from the fact that it takes some time getting used to the kick-ups, because you have to push harder, I noticed that my wrists were much less stressed. In addition, I feel that you are much more stable in a handstand attitude and you are forced not to walk on your hands. This ensures that you can practice the handstand much more precisely and thus make progress faster. Last month I ordered a set of Parrallets for myself. Since then, my handstand has become much better and I can hold it longer. I notice that after a training of the Full Journey Program in which I practice handstand, I feel much less pressure on my wrists. At the moment I use the Parrallets for other exercises such as HSPU, Frog Stands, L-sit Holds and normal pushups. In short, I am really happy with these Parrallets and I can’t train without them anymore.

  25. Tom

    Very good parallettes
    They dont slip and the thick grip gives you a very safe feeling.

    And I also have to thank for the great service.
    So all in one: perfect

  26. Lars M (verified owner)

    The paralletes are very good. The old ones I had (a cheap pair from the local sports shop) just broke the day I received the new ones (lucky me) They are very stable and the thick handles make it perfect (and easier) to get in the right position when you are upside down(handstand, l-sit to handstand, ect). A must have for calisthenics athletes who want to progress fast, save and the right way!

  27. koen janssen

    I bought these paralettes from calisthenics family because I heard they are thicker as other paralettes that are on the market. The price of the paralettes for me was a bit expensive, but I guess with all thing in life if you want to have some quality product you need to pay for it!. I’m using the paralettes now for a month and I experience during training that I improve quiker in skills such like the handstand and etc. I hope I may enjoy the paralettes for a long time 🙂

  28. Ricardo de Boer

    Been following calisthenics family for almost two years now via instagram. Via instragram they also introduced their parallettes which are unique compared to all other paralettes.
    I have tried different paralettes and I can really recommend these paralettes for the following reasons:
    -They are ridiculously light, compared to the other paralettes I used! So light, you would probably think that the quality of the paralettes would go down because of this. Nonsense!
    -They are made out of wood. For the ones who have sweaty hands like me, I can definitely recommend wooden paralettes.
    -They are thicker than all other paralettes. This is probably the most important reason why you should consider these paralettes instead of others. The thicker the handles the easier all the exercises get. It will probably feel a bit weird if you are used to smaller paralettes, but trust me after using it once, you’ll definitely agree with me on this one. Also their will be less stress on your wrists, because the bars are thicker.

    All in all, these paralettes are definitely recommended compared to their peers. Especially the thickness of these wooden paralletes make them unique!

  29. Jan Klein Klouwenberg

    Sinds een week of 4 deze parallettes in gebruik. daarvoor gebruikte ik een paar zelfgemaakte exemplaren, die zijn echter niet te vergelijken met deze van Calisthenics family. De parallettes zijn perfect, ze zijn compact genoeg om mee te nemen en tegelijkertijd groot genoeg om er verschillende oefeningen op te doen.
    Ook zijn wegen ze verrassend weinig en zijn (en staan) ze bijzonder stevig.
    Ook de dikte van de bar is erg fijn, deze zijn dikker dan de parallettes van andere verkopers en zijn daardoor erg fijn voor de handen. Ik denk dat met deze parallettes de nieuwe standaard is gezet hoe ze behoren te zijn! Kortom een zeer goede aanrader en voor de prijs hoef je het zeker niet te laten.

    Using these parallettes for 4 weeks now. I used a few homemade ones before, but they are not comparable to those of Calisthenics family. The parallettes are simply perfect, they are compact enough to take with you and at the same time are big enough to do different exercises.
    They also weigh surprisingly little and are (and stand) extremely sturdy.
    Also the thickness of the bar is very fine, these are thicker than the parallettes of other sellers and are therefore very nice for the hands. I think that with these parallels the new standard is set as to how they should be!
    In short, a very good recommendation and for the price it is a nobrainer.

  30. Richard Derks

    Using these wooden parallettes for 3 weeks now. Besides the fact that they look really nice, they are usefull during your workouts. They have a nice handgrip, are very stable during exercises and do not slip on any surface. So, if you are planning to use parallettes during your workout… I would definitely recommend these ones:) (Great price/quality ratio)

  31. Joshua Hull

    As soon as the paralletes arrived I knew they would be awesome. With wider handles for more grip and stability, it makes any skill a treat to practise and perform!

    Check the photo’s that I’ve send to Michael & Yannick! Cheers, Joshua, @bodyskillspt

  32. Martijn Ruijterkamp

    I’m now using the parallets from Calisthenics Family for about a month. And I am so happy that I bought them. Current excercises I use them the most for are handstand, push ups (variations) and l-sit. I already see big progression in my handstand!
    What makes these paralletes for me better then other ones, is the thickness of it. U really feel great grip when you excercise and specially for handtand feels that more secure on the ground. They are not heavy so it’s easy to take them with you to the park. If i describe it in one worth: perfect!

  33. Michael & Yannick

    Hey Guys! PLease leave your reviews here! We care about your opinion, so we always can improve our products 🙂 You can check the photos from people that have send a review in the description box!

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