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Calisthenics Basics Course

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December 13th 

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Calisthenics E-book

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The Full Journey Package

The Ultimate Lifechanging Long-Term Calisthenics 4-Course Workout Bundle.

Calisthenics workout program

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Weight Loss Workout Plan

This 30-Days Challenge includes a Workout and Diet Program to Lose Weight Fast.

Weight Loss and Diet Proram

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Calisthenics At Home Plan

The Ultimate (Corona) Bodyweight Plan that you can do At Home Without Equipment.

Calisthenics Home Workout Plan

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Separate Full Journey Plans

The programs below are the 4 different phases of the 4-Course Full Journey Workout Bundle. Find out which program suits your level and goals!

Custom Workout & Meal Plans

Are you looking for a Custom Workout or Meal Plan which will be fully based on your personal goals?  We can help you Achieve All Your Personal Goals!


Custom Meal Plan

Lose Weight Fast or Get Shredded with our Custom Meal Plan.

Custom Meal Plan Calisthenics

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Custom Workout Plan

Our Custom Workout Plan focusses 100% on Your Personal Goals.

Calisthenics Custom Workout Program

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Online Coaching

The Ultimate Exclusive Transformation Package with a Custom Workout and Meal Plan included.

Online coaching Calisthenics

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Which Workout Plan suits me best?

Are you not sure which Calisthenics Workout or Meal Plan is best for you? Take a look at our separate program pages for detailed information about each program. At the bottom of every page, you will find reviews from people who have already completed the specific workout program! You will also find a FAQ at the bottom of each page in which the frequently asked questions are answered.

Our workout and meal programs are suitable for everyone: from men to women, from young to old, and from beginners to professionals. So, don’t wait any longer and start your Calisthenics Journey today!

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